The diversified high-tech research center co., LTD is a professional engaged in functional polymer materials of national environmental protection high-tech services,Committed to the daily chemical industry common problems、The key issues、System of integrated solutions and products,To persevere“Innovation in the future,Beautify the life science and technology”The goal of moving,Through scientific research and innovation,Constantly develop for the future social development needs the ecological function of polymer materials of environmental protection as its own duty。

At the beginning of establishment,Adhering to the“The first science and technology、Technology is the highest”The principle of,Adhere to the innovative core technology as the enterprise development driving force,In order to“The market demand as the guidance、Scientific research and development for power、Product innovation for growth”The business model to serve the society。At present,Enterprises amounted to more than four hundred customers,All over the country。

Enterprise research center for many years has made remarkable achievements in the field of related technologies ,We have mastered the solution polymerization、Suspension polymerization、Emulsion polymerization 、Reverse phase polymerization、Let stand for aggregation、Polymerization at room temperature、Dispersion polymerization、The seed polymerization、Block aggregation、Template polymerization and so on more than 10 kinds of polymerization technology and dozens of synthesis process,Achieved good social and economic benefits。

In recent years,Enterprises undertake the national science and technology plan projects4Items,Guangdong province science and technology plan projects8Items,Shantou city science and technology plan projects9Items。Guangdong science and technology award1Items,Shantou city science and technology award6Items。The application and authorized patents15Items,And in a variety of national core journals published many papers on。

A subsidiary company——Shantou deep Thai new material technology development co., LTD. Engaged in plant protection agents,Provide environmental protection industry、Water-based eppo additives as own duty,In2017Years12Month was identified as national high and new technology enterprise。Has now completed the water emulsion auxiliaries plant protection industry、Additives, etc、Ec builder、Dichlorvos solution additives、Barrels of mixed builder、Fly the builder、Glyphosate builder、Straw ammonium phosphonic builder、Diquat builder、Reduce the achievement transformation of strain excitant additives。

Looking to the future,Enterprises will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation for the enterprise development driving force,Through the study、The digestion、Absorbing foreign advanced technology,With the demand of domestic consumer market with each passing day,Research to develop better、More in line with market products,The total industry acer plans together with industry colleagues。